Know the risks and mitigate them

16-11-2017 \\ Travel Security \\ Ronny Sæther

Preparedness, terror and the largest marathon in the world –

Reflections on a recent trip to New York

20-11-2017 \\ Travel Security \\ Christoffer Hveding Lund

Are you prepared for your next travel?

22-07-2018 \\ Travel Security \\ Ronny Sæther

In today's unsecure world it seems to become more and more difficult to be prepared for what could happen when travelling abroad. A serious incident or emergency can occur anywhere anytime. Business trips, family holidays, even when you're travelling home from work. That is, when you least expect it...

It is no exaggeration to say that we are living in a world of endless brutality. Most of us have been feeling helpless and scared. It seems there are no safe havens anymore. Notwithstanding, we must continue to live and enjoy our lives. In the following...

In this article I will share my thoughts upon my recent trip overseas to run the New York Marathon. My girlfriend and I stayed in New York for a week ahead of the run, and found ourselves just hours away from being struck by a terrorist attack...

In earlier articles I have described how to mitigate risks to ensure safety for employees travelling abroad for business. In this new series of articles I will have a deeper look into different issues concerning travel risk management ...


03.02.2017 \\ Travel Security \\ Ronny Sæther

It's been a long time coming, but we are finally on Twitter. Up and live now – @SafeTravels_.

Follow us for the latest travel awareness bulletins - 24/7 posting on global events.

Travel Security: How to mitigate risks for employees travelling abroad – thoughts and reflections by Ronny Sæther

20-07-2016 \\ Travel Security \\ Ronny Sæther

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